The 3rd Int.Battery Safety Workshop

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Towards Safer High Energy Batteries for Electric Vehicles
3rd IBSW, Beijing, Tsinghua University
2019, Oct. 6th-8th
Ver. Date: 2019-May-6th
About the IBSW:
It is quite accepted today that battery-based energy storage is the most critical technology to facilitate the deployment of renewable, clean energy. Battery safety is of utmost importance to warrant successful market penetration of the advanced high-energy batteries in electric vehicles, in energy storage systems and in portable consumer electronics. The theme of the 3rd International Battery Safety Workshop will be “Towards Safer High Energy Batteries for Electric Vehicles”. This is meant to be an open and productive workshop for attendees to engage in the work that is driving energy storage safety in the community.
On behalf of the 3rd International Battery Safety Workshop (IBSW) Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in this year’s IBSW to be held October 6th through 8th 2019 at Tsinghua University, Beijing. The intent of the meeting is to gather the world-renowned experts in battery safety from the international community to address challenges in battery safety issues. Your contribution to the discussions around the research and technology development for battery safety would be a valuable contribution.
You can find more information on the conference website at: (to be open at May 15, with registration information) or by emailing us at:
We do welcome you to self-recommend to be a speaker (10min talk), to be a sponsor, and to be a participant. Please do not hesitate to contact us by, if you need any further assistance, or have good advices for the 3rd IBSW.
Session topics:
1)     Thermal Runaway under Abuse Conditions and Countermeasures
  • Thermal runaway by external causes (overcharge, crush, overheat, etc.)
  • Thermal runaway by internal causes (internal short circuit, etc.)
  • Thermal runaway detection and early warning
  • Battery safety designs (PTC, CID, venting valve, etc.)
2)     Exothermic Reactions during Thermal Runaway and Countermeasures
  • Thermal runaway mechanisms
  • Exothermic behaviors of battery components
  • Safer battery electrode, electrolyte and separators
  • Battery safety through material design
3)     Fire Safety and Explosive Behaviors
  • Battery fire/combustion behaviors
  • Gas generation during thermal runaway
  • Environmental hazardous substances during thermal runaway
  • Fire suppression for cell, module and system
4)     Thermal Runaway Propagation in Battery System
  • Thermal runaway propagation testing (influence of electric connection, SOC, environment, etc.)
  • Multi-scale and multi-dimension modeling of thermal runaway propagation
  • Ways to inhibit thermal runaway propagation (thermal resistant layer, thermal management system, etc.)
  • Regulations and standards for thermal runaway propagation evaluation
5)     Safety Under Fast Charging
  • Safety risks (overheat, etc.) under fast charging
  • Lithium plating and its effects on battery safety
  • Cell, module and system design to enable fast charging
  • Non-destructive, safe fast charging algorithms
6)     Solid state batteries, A safer future?
  • Safety behaviors of solid state batteries under abuse conditions
  • Failure mechanism of solid state batteries
  • Prospects for high performance and high safety solid state batteries
  • Regulations and standards for future batteries
We look forward to seeing you in October in Beijing!
Prof. Minggao Ouyang
Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, Tsinghua University, China
Chair of the 3rd IBSW Organizing Committee
Prof. Xiangming He
Institute of Nuclear & New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, China
Director of New Energy & Materials Chemistry Lab
Co-Chair of the 3rd IBSW Organizing Committee
Dr. Bor Yann Liaw
Idaho National Laboratory, U.S.
Acting Chairman of the Advisory Board of the International Battery Safety Workshop
Dr. Jürgen Garche
University of Ulm, Germany
Acting Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board of the International Battery Safety Workshop
On behalf of the 3rd IBSW Advisory Board
Perpetual Members
Bor-Yann Liaw, Idaho National Laboratory, USA
Deputy Chairman
Jürgen Garche, University of Ulm, GER
Jim Greenberger, NAATBatt International, USA
Thomas Chapin, UL, USA
Xiangming He, Tsinghua University, CHN
Won Il Cho, KIST & Korean Electrochemical Soc.
Franz Fuchs, BMW, GER
Patrick Bernard, SAFT, FRA
Limited Terms
Andreas Jossen, TUM, GER
Christopher Orendorff, Sandia National Lab., USA
Minggao Ouyang, Tsinghua University, USA
On behalf of the 3rd IBSW Organizing Committee (Up to May 6, 2019)
Minggao Ouyang, Tsinghua University
Xiangming He, Tsinghua University
Xinping Ai, Wuhan University
Qingsong Wang, University of Science and Technology of China
Yong Yang, Xiamen University
Li Yang, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Chengwei Xiao, CETC
Hewu Wang, Tsinghua University
Li Wang, Tsinghua University
Languang Lu, Tsinghua University
Xuning Feng, Tsinghua University
Fang Wang, China Automotive Technology and Research Center
Huajun Sun, BYD
Chengdu Liang, CATL
Jiang Zhou, Lishen
Kangwei Dai, BJEV
Ningning Wu, MGL
Qingquan Wang, GAC
Deping Wang, FAW
Gang Xue, THT China
Mingming Li, Chungway

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